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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions cover the most popular topics we see in our webmaster email. Get quick answers to questions about Johrei Institute.

What does "Johrei" mean?

Johrei (joh-ray), in Japanese, means to purify spirit."

How does the "Johrei"process work?

Johrei, originated in Japan, purifies the spirit of the recipient by intensifying or focusing divine light or universal energy through the prayer, love and intent of the person transmitting the Light. Universal energy, or the divine light, when focused on the spiritual body of an individual dispels clouds or negativity, from the spiritual body and raises the spiritual vibration, thereby causing reactions in the spiritual, mental and physical bodies. Through Johrei the spirit is uplifted and the divine nature unfolds itself more and more, causing the finest spiritual qualities of the individual to come to the fore. The mind is properly focused, relieving it from confusion. When clouds are dispelled from the spiritual body, toxins in the physical body dissolve and are eliminated to a large extent. Pain or discomfort felt by the individual is part of the purifying process and Johrei accelerates this process, bringing it to an end more quickly than it would terminate otherwise.

What are spiritual clouds? Do I have them?

Spiritual clouds are formed by negative thoughts, words and deeds as well as by the accumulation of toxins in our bodies. These toxins include certain medicine or drugs, impure food and environmental toxins. Most people have spiritual clouds that they have accumulated consciously or unconsciously. Johrei enables one to eliminate these clouds more quickly.

How can I learn more about Johrei?

A series of highly interactive classes is offered on an on-going basis. Please contact us for more information. 

How much does it cost to receive Johrei?

There is no charge for Johrei. If you would like to offer a monetary offering of appreciation, it will be gratefully accepted. Johrei Institute is supported solely through the expression of gratitude from individuals like you.

Where can I receive Johrei?

Please contact us for a nearest Johrei center.

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